Humanity's defense against Enemy is a full-time, professional army trained to deal with them. The military is divided into three divisions: the Scouting Legion, which explores outside human territories in a bid for expansion and lately got a new mission from the Capital to research about the sith spy and army and where they originate from, the Stationary Guard, which patrols and maintains the Walls of the villages keeping sith out and are the first to engage the enemy  if the gate is destroyed, and the Military Police, the top-ranking soldiers who serve as the personal guards for the king and maintain order within the Walls. They are respected by all the citizen but somethime the high officers are corrupt. But normally, they are liked by the civilians.

Millitary of Kiry


Military police brigade



Biographical information
Physical description
  • Male
  • Female
Chronological and political information

1th era

  • second era
  • Third era
  • Fourth era


  • Republic
Squad Rank

4321 High senior commander

Battle Class

Bc icon jediBc icon mercenaryBc icon sithIcon scoundrelTechnician

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