Mergulus The conqueror is the second Emperor of the Mergulus Dysnasty. He was a really popular emperor of the second era. He was also the son Mergulus Kail. Mergulus the conqueror  succeeded

Mergulus the conqueror

his father, Mergulus Kail. In Mergulus II's life was plagued with illness and blight. During his rule, Imperial law was poorly enforced. Since the Empire was without a strong heart, willing or able Emperor, less justice was done within the Empire's borders. He handled his financial affairs poorly, and he was saddled with debt throughout his 18 year rule. As mergulus sank deeper and deeper into debt, his spirit also sank. In 2E 82, his mind gave, and he died weighted with guilt. He was succeeded by his son, Mergulus the Conqueror II.


He was an imperial emperor and he was a great conqueror. He also have the Kail armor. He was a good emperor and his empire was really big.

Emperors of Kiry
Mergulus Kail Mergulus the Conqueror

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