The Mergulus Empire is probably the bloodiest one but the real one.This empire is known by everyone an

Mergulus empire army

d even the imperials agreed that this man is a hero.This is the story of a hero.A great hero who fought for the liberation of Kiry.Even if he was a rebel,his actions are known by all the emperors .


Everyone can be a rich man and everyone must respect each others.We are the peace guardian.People can call us the empire or the dictatury,thats right.But we're the only hope for the future generation to have a peace life and a prosper existence.The structure of teh army is simple.Everyone who want to join can join but if you betrayed,you die.Simple.The army was the great empire of Kiry.The idea of the empire was to protect the poor and to destroy the corruption of the rich and the powerfull.No slaves,no free kills.


The Great army has a few little army on it.It has a few corps,few brigades and squad.There is 8 commanders.

-Great armyEdit

The great army is leaded by the Emperor Mergulus(3000000)

First DivisionEdit

The first division is leaded by the first commander named Marcus Silaus.(1500000)

Second DivisionEdit

The second division is leading by the Commander Zenitar Silaus(75000000

Third DivisionEdit

The third division is leading by the commander Lux Borris(375000)

Fourth divisionEdit

The fourth Division is the division leading by the commanderRodriguez Henrique(125000) 

Fift DivisionEdit


Sixth DivisionEdit

The Division is leading by the Commander Makinius(41666)

Seventh DivisionEdit

The Division is leading by the commander Rux Aori(41666)

Special Brigade of cavalryEdit

The special brigade of cavalry is the horse brigade normaly led by a general or a high ranked soldier.They are 400 horses.

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