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Master of the 5 path

The master of the 5 path is an archeologh,archivist,sage,elder and master of the 5 path.He is an old man.He is the only member who's known by all the world and he is a guild leader.He is the leader of the fFive brother

Early lifeEdit

He is probably 300,000,000000000000,0000 years old.He was the first man who walked on the earth.He is still living on the fourth and fith era and finally died on the seventh era.He fought against alot of beast and he was the concellor of the biggest emperor of Kiry.The legends are saying that he is the creator of the world himself but he said that it is terrebly stupid.He has a scar on the left side of his head and this scar was when he fought against pymolous.

Five brothersEdit

He is the leader of the five brothers so he earned the title of master of the 5 path.Thats mean that he lead,the mages,the warriors,the thieves,the assasins and the bards.He knows how to do all this better than each members of the organization.Even if he is a criminal,the King respect him alot because of his books.He wrote alot of books about what he found and saw on his adventures.So no one try to kill him an even if they wanted,they would'nt be able to.

Mergulus KailEdit

He has interaction with the great mergulus.He was the governor of his empire.Mergulus really admired him.And when Mergulus Became a Divine,he blessed him and protect him.


He was the concellor of the great empress of the first age,Alessia.She was reallly proud to have him as an concellor.He is a greate strategeman and a good warrior too.

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