Magic symbol

The magica its an art of Kiry.The magic is uses by the mage,the bandits,the vampires and the King.You can learn the magic at the Mage Guild school.The mages have a really good reputations on Kiry.They also fight against anything that they want.There is a difference between the mages and the sorciers.The magica can be uses for enchenting object like,armor,sword,bow or anything.

Magic organizationEdit

is a well known guild because they started to exist on the second era and they were fighting only for the High King.They were his personal guard.

the college is a school only for the mages.They were created on the first era and they still exist and continue to teach.They are a well known school because it was almost 19 school  of magic and only one of thems survived.

Magical classEdit

Wanna join the Magic college? Fine but...wich class will you choice?
– Unknnow

The Magic college has a few class that you choice.The class are all good magic and for every uses.But they wont teach you the dark magic and if someone see you while you are doing that kind of magic,they expell you.

Kind of classEdit

The magic is divised on 4 grand category and they are sub-divised.

Mental magicEdit

Battle magicEdit

Good magicEdit

Other kind of magicEdit


The mages aremaking parts of the 5 path so they have their own master of the 5 path and they gives allegency to the Teacher

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