M14BB Heavy canon

The M14BB Heavy canon is a Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army armament that is mounted on the 22-BB Class (TLB) Panther.


The M14BB Heavy canon is the primary weapon of the 22-BB Class (TLB) Panther, and is mounted on the rear of the tank's chassis. The weapon's design remains for the most part unchanged from 20th century tanks, the 90mm cannon is mounted in a fully traversing turret weapon mount, this allows the cannon to rotate 360 degrees and to move -10 to approximately +60 traverse. A gyroscope is used to stabilize the cannon, allowing it to be effectively aimed and fired at the "short halt" or on the move. The 90mm High Velocity Cannon is fitted with insulating thermal jackets to reduce gun-barrel warping caused by uneven thermal expansion. Unlike modern tanks however, the 90mm Cannon is mounted on the aft section of the Panther's chassis and contains no crew compartment as the loading is done autonomously and the targeting and firing is done electronically from the cockpit.

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