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Village of Lightmo'llya

A city in south-western Nirn, Capital of Westshire.  Lightmo'llya is known for its cemetery, which dominates the southern part of the town.

Burial siteEdit

The graveyard of Lightmo'llya contains many famous Nords who requested to be buried in Falkreath, next to the other honored dead of past battles. Since they were constantly living alongside the dead, the people of Lightmo'llya  gave many of their shops and other buildings names related to death. As told by the residents, Lightmo'llya was the place of many battles in the past, being the main reason for the large graveyard.


This village was built by the Kelper.He built it on the first era and he made it like his first HQ.Unfortunatly for him,it been destroyed 3 months later.But he re-built it and he built it near of the Cobra'sWork.So that he will have little things and help from thems.They are loyal to the village.

Fourth EraEdit

On the fourth era,the battle of the Great Crisis II The king of the village took the side of the Stormwarriors.It was good for thems because they won

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