Kion is an icy planet that has 3 Ionorix listening post's on it, Kion was named after a famous Explorer/Smuggler named Kion Solamon.

System FactsEdit

Kion has 6 moons, Nia, Orion, Zakaz, Skach, Kuort and Rexen, it has one sun that is the size of a Class 3 moon, thats why it is always so cold, the core of the planet is hardened lava, therefore only emmits 6 degrees celcius every 12 hours.  The main moon of Kion is Nia.  It is very close to the planet "Kiry".


The only native species that live on Kion are Snowhumans, Siroy's and Terantak's, although the Ionorix have claimed this planet and placed 3 listening posts.  It was once inhabited by the late Reptoid Monorchay who shipped all the species that lived on the curface to other planets for slave labour and mutated the species "Siroy" that have spread to many other planets. 

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