Great War Jedi vs Sith

Battle of the Kail.

The Kail familly is a clan and the most important of of all the planet.When we are talking about Kiry,we are talking about The Kail.The Kail familly are almost all jedi and all mandalorians.The familly is divised on 2 side.There is sith and there is jedi.The best side is the jedi one.


The clan of Kail was created by Mergulus Kail.A jedi who was tired of the jedi order of Coruscent.He was a perfect jedi but he desagreed some law of the high council.He continued the way of the force and he finnlay reached to the highest rank of all the galaxie.Jedi king or emperor or whatever.Only 3 man has this ranks.Mergulus Kail,Yoda,Luke Skywalker were the only king.All of theses people built a Jedi temple with his own order and they were able to lead it.Of course the most important was the one of Yoda.So,Mergulus started to raise some new padawan and he built his temple but it was for everyone and not only the jedi.The mandalorian could come there too.After 40 years,Kiry became a jedi planet Republican.It soon stop to be when the clone came to ask to the jedi to be part of the Geonosis war and to become generals.They declined so they lost their title of Republican.After the war,the Jedi of Kiry had to protect the planet and the capital because the sith attacked and wanted to kill the King.So it has the First war and that was the end of the first era.Soon after the war that Kiry won,they celebrate a marriage between Mergulus and A girl named Sina.

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