Iva'Chan'ghuu city


At least 3,165 BBY


Was destroyed in 144 BBY, but has been impeccably renovated



Points of interest

  • Tran'shi'gaa area
  • Gas towers of late King Jar'shu'Kii
  • Hanging Market
  • Marsh Palace of Reptoid's Dynasty


45,678,897 reptoids (in Fift Era)

Workers' average salary

340 U'shaan's

This city is the largest on the planet. For many years he had several times changed its appearance. Up to 144 BBY he looked quite different: houses were low and stone ,on the street was a complete lack of sanitation, and the palace was on top of a hill and was buried in luxury. But in 144 BBYA unknown fleet (most likely it was a fleet of Corrisa'ika) struked the city with orbital shot. Volley of photon turrets equalized capital to the ground. Probably liquidators wanted to pay for destroyed fleet in the first era. Then, reptoids rebuilt the city again. He was not similar to its predecessor. Glass house rushed into the sky, and the palace was drowned in the depths of streets and avenues. But he has not lost its beauty.

Palace of Dynasty Edit

Huge palace Reptoids Dynasty is a gem of the city, hidden in the forests of tall buildings. The moat surrounds it, it spans thousands in attics and gardens and a fountain with gold and diamond Phu'shgii'raii displays all the wealth of the Monarchy. Throne Room is small, but the decoration amazes even the most picky aesthetes. Such luxury items not found anywhere else. Even senators of Shadow Moon can not boast of such delights.

Tran'shi'gaa areaEdit

A huge area where there is often convened to declare reptoids decrees of the king.In addition to the sheer size, more is not of interest.

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