Invasion on D'Vedr
Beginning Fifth Era 1 ABY
End Fifth Era Third Month 1 ABY
Place D'Vedr (planet)
  • Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic
  • Corrisa'ika Royal Empire
  • D'Vedr Royal Forces
  • Dozens of D'Vedr Royal Forces Soldiers
  • Many of Corrisa'ika Empire soldiers
Civilian casualties More than 3,000,000 civillian

The Invasion on D'Vedr was a bloody 3 months battle between D'Vedr Royal Forces and Corrisa'ika Empire in Fifth Era 1 ABY. The Battle was in space as on the ground. After Shadow Moon signed the Treaty of Corrisa'ika and became part of the Republic, Corrisa'ika decided to attack it's most faithful ally of New Republic of Shadow Moon, planet D'Vedr. The battle started with the bombardment of the planet itself. After that Corrisa'ika landed and began the Invasion. After two months,many cities on D'Vedr were destroyed. More than 3,000,000 died. In the third month, Shadow Moon's Republic came to rescue the royal planet and help win the war. After month of fighting with Shadow Moon, Corrisa'ika falled back and never attacked D'Vedr again. Shadow Moon helped their allies restore their forces and cities. After that, Corrsa'ika began creating plans of Siege on Shadow Moon.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Battle of Yankorn IV Fifth Era 0 ABY-Fifth Era 1 ABY Breaking Up with Mandalorians

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