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The Inquisistor

The Inquisitor is a ship of Kiry and it's one of the 3 warlords of the Sye'lla system. The inquisitor is the prinicipal ship of the 3. It is a big ship with many rooms and is commanded by a few officers of the SMSA This ship was created on the  shadow moon and it served many times and it's still working and is one of the best ships of all the system. This ship served 46 wars and battles. The ship lengt is 2.5 kilometres (8,200 ft)

Command center

Inquisitor command center.


The command center of the inquisitor is a big room filled with computers and screens that are relied to the center of the room. There are many chairs (20 exacly) and the fleet. The ship commander leads the ship from this room.The commander of the ship is normally a general or a high commander.

Trainning room C-e222Edit

The training rooms are some fictive rooms that you are using to make some virtual trainning and you can program some planets or some backgound.You also can create some ship and battle to train you.


The Inquisitor  was originally a colony ship, transporting colonists as well as equipment such as hydroponics and schools, in the S.M.S.A. 's expansion efforts. The first time that the inquisitor served, it was to lead the shad'ika colony to another planet and to the other planet to the shadow moon. It was just a transporter.But soon, it started to serves for  battle and it was soon one of the greatest ship of the organization.


The ship is led by a high ranked officer of the S.M.S.A..


The class knight is the class for the 3 powerfull ship of the army.The 3 ships are comming in the battle but not at the begining.When a  battle starts,the battalion is fighting and if the regiment has problems,they will call one of the 3 Knight.

The 3 knight are

They are the 3 admiral ships of the army.

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