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— Gorrilians

Industrial Sector Bombing Operation also known as One Bloody Week with Gorrillians was a war that began in 3,318 BBY.The reason was that when Mandalorians passed Figrona  thay've captured 200 Gorrillians  that they made slaves and prisoners.After one year being prisoners and slaves to SMSA,Gorrillians created a plan that they called Industrial Sector Bombing Operation.They planned to break out and take SMSA Star-Fighter and use bombs to destroy the Industrial Sector.It was 2:07 PM and Gorrillians breaked out and took off to Industrial Sector.It was 2:39 PM and Wooking began bombing the Sector where evryone was asleep.SMSA attacked Fighters with Altilery.198 Gorrillians and 198 Fighter.

One Week later all Gorrillians and SMSA were defeated,some Gorrillians were injured.Industrial sector was destoyed.Gorrillians that survived signed that Peace Treaty and Surrender Treaty that all of them will not do anything like that again.But Shadow Moon Order decided to execute the Wookies that Survived.Next day ll Gorrillians was executed.157 SMSA Soldiers died,no one survived.Industrial Sector was destoyed and people who lived there also died,only 17 people was injured.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Battle for Shadow Moon (Cold War) First Era 3,318 BBY-First Era 2,999 BBY Attack on Kor'so'nary (Creation of Shadow Moon Council)

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