The Imperial Legion is the main armed force of the Second Empire.  It is also a large military organization inthe Kirian universe. Its concept was inspired by the Roman military, the supreme military power of its time.They are looking like the roman millitary and have this kind of armour.


The modern Imperial Legion was born from the great army of Rayleg septim, which he used to conquer Kiry. The Legion remained the greatest fighting force on kiry and possibly  for over 400 years after the death of Rayleg. The Legion is the primary fighting force of the Empire, however cities and towns most often have their own City Guard, and do not rely on the Legion for police duties or law enforcement. An exception to this is the Imperial City, which seems to have an entire legion stationed in it. The Legion there is called the Imperial Watch, and guards the capital.

Third eraEdit

The Legion fought in several wars and conflicts during the Third Era, among them the War of the Red Diamond, and they also fought in the conflict of the Camoran Usurper.

the Legion in his conquest of the island kingdoms between.

Fourth EraEdit

In the fourth era,the imperials fought in the civil war against the Stormwarriors.Leaded by the General commander Camillus,they were fix at SunHold.

Known Imperial Legion divisionsEdit


  1. Imperial Legion soldier
  2. Legionnary soldier
  3. Imperial seargent
  4. Imperial lieutenant
  5. Imperial captain
  6. Imperial commander
  7. Imperial Marchal
  8. Imperial ambassador
  9. Imperial General
  10. Dux Bellorum
  11. Dux Totius

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