An Imperial Legion Soldier is a character in Kiry. They are the main soldiers of the Imperial Legion and are found throughout the province of Kiry, they are lead by General Tullius and are fighting the Stormwarriors in a Civil War.


Imperial Legion Soldiers wear a full set of Imperial Light Armor, wearing either Studded Imperial Armor or normal Imperial Light Armor. They use [Shields|Imperial Shields] and are armed with Imperial SwordsI and Imperial Bow, with Steel Arrows.

Legates or Captains, wear heavier Imperial Armor with the [Officer's Helmet|Imperial Officer's Helmet]. They are armed with Imperial Swords and Imperial Bow, with Steel Arrows.

Imperial Quatermasters wear [Aprons|Blacksmith's Aprons] and shoes and are armed with Imperial Sword and Imperial Bow, with Steel Arrows.


  • mperial Soldier - Basic Legion soldiers which make up most of the Army, proficient in One-Handed and Light Armor skills.
  • Imperial Archer - Legion soldiers with a higher Archery skill than One-Handed skill.
  • Imperial Quartermaster - Legion blacksmiths that can be traded with, who can be found in the Imperial Camps.
  • Imperial Fort Commander - Commanding officer at a captured fort.
  • Imperial Field Legate - Commands the soldiers in the field and second only to the general.
  • Imperial General - Highest Commanding officer of the entire Legion.

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