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The Imperial City, in the heartland of Syella System, is the ancient seat of power and the capital of the Empire of Kiry. From the First Era into the Fourth Era, the White Gold Tower continues to be the centre of Kirianic cultures and the beacon of the Empire.Below the city, there is a complex sewer system, as well as various ruined Ayleid structures and labyrinths. Only a small number of those labyrinths and sewers have been mapped, maintained, and controlled by the Imperial Legion. Large portions of these ruins and sewers, however, are not, and the Imperial Legion advises all adventurers entering the sewers to bring extra hands and securities. Above ground, the gleaming Imperial City can be seen clearly for miles. The city is walled in a circular shape around the White-Gold Tower so as to afford it as much defense as possible from would-be attackers.


In the city there are in total seven districtsGreen Emperor Way, also referred to as the Palace District, the Market District, the Arena District, the Arboretum, Aok'mir Plaza, the Elven Gardens, and the Temple District. There are also two smaller walled districts located outside of the city proper. The Arcane University is located to the southeast and the Imperial Legion Compound (which includes the( Imperial Prison) is located in the northeast. The last district is the Imperial City Waterfront, the harbor district, which is located to the southwest of the city proper.

Green Emperor Way is the central district of the Imperial City and the location of the White Gold Tower, also known as the Imperial Palace. The various Emperors of the Empires of Kiry, along with the Elder Council, rule the provinces of Kiry from the Imperial Palace.  A cemetery used for the burial of the nobility of kiry and other important persons surrounds the Imperial Palace. Six gates lead to the other districts of the Imperial City from Green Emperor Way.

Starting from the northwest, the Imperial City's series of concentric districts begin with the Elven Gardens. The Elven Gardens is a pleasant residential area, supported economically by two well-known inns: Luther Broad's Boarding House, and the The King and Queen Tavern.

Aok' Plaza, located in the western region of the Imperial City, is an exclusive residential area and the location of the main gateway to the Imperial City. The district is supported economically by the King Hotel, an exclusive hotel used regularly by the nobility of Kiry during visits to the capital city. It is an expensive hotel for the use of prosperous and important visitors to the Imperial City. In the center of the Aok'mir Plaza district stands a statue of Him.

The Temple District is the location of the magnificent and ancient Temple of the One. This temple is nearly as old as the White-Gold Tower and was constructed in the First Era.This district is for the Imperials god

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