Oh, death was never an enemy of ours!
We laughed, knowing better men would come, and greater wars:
When each proud fighter brags
He wars on death, for lives: not men, for flags.

We fought togheter,we cried togheter,we lived and suffer togheters.We created link between all of us that we can create only at war only,we were scary and we ever could find a  light  in this darkness even if it was little.We were brother we are brothers and brother for the life.We are war-brothers.

The Human-Traask war, also known as The Great War, was a major interstellar conflict pitting the Unified Sye'lla Government and its Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army against the Traask Empire .

The war was instigated by the Traask , whose Patriarchs discovered that humans were directly related to the Constructors. In order to keep the Traask Empire intact, war was declared against humanity. Over the next few decades, the Traask , with superior firepower and technology, overpowered humanity on dozens of worlds, including heavily defended strongholds such as Kiry. Aside from several notable triumphs, the SMSA would only win scattered and costly victories, most of which the special forces.The battle between the Traask and the Human was really bloody and brutal.The war was incredibly costly to both sides, with over twenty-three billion humans casualties and enormous Traask military losses, including the mobile homeworld of High Charity. The war ultimately lasted for a total of twenty-eight years.


Declaration of warEdit

Humanity and the Traask first came into direct contact in February 3 2525, when a Kisryg-Yar Frigate, the Minor Transgression, discovered a human ship that had dropped out of slipspace due to a problem with the reactor.So the Traask that saw the ship attracted the little ship commanded by the captain Myles Hoylguer.They took the human ship and they attracted it to the cargo of the admiral ship.The humans were put on the ship,the Traask started a video to show that the human cannot go where they wants and that they will kill everyone if they see only one human.The humans were terrorized.But the millitary has no fear.So,a  battalion of 40000 soldier took a ship named the 0888-Imperion-class torrent.


They started to attack the fleet of the enemy.They won the battle but only one ship was left on all the fight.

Engage the warEdit

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