The High King or High Queen is the leader of Kiry. He rules all the hold,all the villages and all the king. He's the only one who can declare a Silver-Meeting.


On the fourth era, the canditate was the most popular king. The best one was Joskey Kail.

Joskey Kail memorial QuoteEdit

Verus was the highest king of all the times. He fought against any beast, he fought against any men, he built, destroyed, allied and ruled the entire planet until his death. Now, I am taking the lead on his footprints and do my possible to lead you the better that I can.Yes, I am taking the side of the Stormwarriors. That doesn't mean that I will crush every imperials. We are all Kirian and we all have a family. We want to protect it at all cost. So that doesn't matter if we are Imperials, Stormwarriors, old or young, nice or ugly. We are forming an army to fight for the same thing; Kiry.

-High King Joskey

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