Ground Assault on Shadow Moon


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon

Date of Beginning

Fifth Era,100 ABY

Date of End

Fifth Era,101 ABY


  • Shadow Moon was heavily damaged
  • [RAC]] was formed
  • Corrisa'ika took over Shadow Moon


After breaking a blockade,Corrisa'ika Fleet sent all their gunships and tanks on the ground.SMSA and SMMA forces was in position when Corrisa'ika Soldiers attacked.Bombariders was bombing Kor'so'nary (capital city).For almost two months the ground assault continued.Kor'so'nary was in the ruins and most of civilians became slaves.

Other cities on Shadow Moon was also destroyed.Even Expan'son City was heavily damaged.More than 1,000,000 people died in two months.Every city was bombed by Corrisa'ika.President Antonionson Gar Yusudar was still alive.He was taking a position of a Commander in SMSA.

Many Resistance were formed against the Corrisa'ika,but Kor'so'nary and North Sea was taken by Corrisa'ika and it was counted as their bases and outposts.Many civilians who survived moved to Industrial Sector City,it was the safest place at that time.Corrisa'ika Military Forces for arriving at Shadow Moon every hour and bombing it.

Corrisa'ika Forces was always moving forwars under the command of their best Superiors.All cities on Shadow Moon were occupited.The only soldiers of Shadow Moon left was Resistance Against Corrisa'ika (RAC),that was a new organization commanded by President.

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