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The Kiry Civil War (called the Stormwarriors Rebellion by the Empire and the Great Uprising by the Stormwarriors) began after the Red-Gold Treaty and the banishing of Lyinx.


They are lead by Joskey Kail on the Fourth Era. They wanted to win this civil war to show to the imperials that the war can be won by the rebels, and that they will win this war.


The Imperial Legion is the military arm of the Empire, which prior to the Great War with the philosophy of the imperials is to destroy the nord.

Several Nord citizens support the Legion as they feel Ulfric's speeches amount to political posturing, and that his true motive is to become Kiry's next High King. Conversely, some Imperial citizens of Kiryopenly support the Stormwarriors rebellion, despite not being Nords.

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