Great Crisis took a place at the beginning of Fourth Era on Kiry and in 44 BBY on Shadow Moon and Corrisa'ika (planet). The Crisis raged across the Sye'lla System and the hardest times was on kiry and Shadow Moon. Many people lost their jobs. There were not enough money. Soon started forming a rebellion against Government on Shadow Moon and Monarchy on Kiry. On Shadow Moon, everyone was leaving Gorva'ika City and coming to Kor'so'nary (capital city) because Goirva'ika City was all day on war with rebellions and resistance. Crisis stopped at 4E 0 on Kiry and in 40 BBY on Shadow Moon. The ACT was signed and rebellion stopped. All of them got their jobs back.  


The crisis of Kiry is when a god of Kiry named Svendall decided to enter in the world. That broke the planet. Everyone almost died. He was a super gigantic monstrer. He did appeard 2 times. The first time, he had no armor but the second time, he has his black armor.


A black armor with a little place for his eyes. He destroyed the imperial city but the Hero of centor destroyed him and he came back to his world.

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