Grass Cha'lang

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Grass Cha'lang was the second Prime Minister  from Cha'lang Legacy after his father Onka. Grass wasn't elected by people,he was elected by Government. When Grass became a Prime Minister in 1,499 BBY,he didn't like that there is a Shadow Moon Council on Shadow Moon.He was getting rid of it. People didn't like that and made a ful demonstration to Grass.

Soon Grass realized that if Cha'lang Legacy will continue, than he could force his child to continue when his father doing.Soon he married a woman that didn't want to have child. So he took her to cantina, and gived her a lot of drinks. When she became drank, they made a child that was born on 1,490 BBY.

The demonstration was still on.It was 1,470 BBY. His son named Dom Cha'lang was 20 years old. Grass killed him self on the balcony of Prime Minister House.Government made Dom Cha'lang a Prime Minister of Shadow Moon.

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