Sociocultural characteristics
Homeworld Figrona
Language Gorrillian'sika
Height of average adult 1,108 meters
Average lifespan 200 years
Physical characteristics
Skin color Brown or Black
Hair color Typically none or dark brown
Eye color Brown or Gold
Distinctions Fluffy Humanoids

Gorrillians was a most famous and biggest species that lived on forest planet of Figrona.Gorrillians are very aggressive creatures that cannot live in city,only in forest or jungle.Gorrillians are good friends and warriors,but very dangerous enemies.Gorrillians lives high up on trees where no one can find them.They have their Warlord that lead them.They have very big families and a lot of children.Gorrillians,they are also known as Slaves.Shadow Moon Forces used to capture them,but after Industrial Sector Bombing Operation,they stopped.Gorrillians are peaceful,but they must not be provoked.

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