The Golden Rise Symbol.

The Golden Rise was a group of men who were part of the Shadow Moon Government. People of Shadow Moon called them vandals, because they didn't respect the foreigners and sometimes they were killing them.

They became part of the Government in 102 BBY. They were divided in groups, in different cities. They were all strong. The President of The Golden Rise was Zed'd'er. The members of the this group were trained for fighting with guns and knives.

In 101 BBY, a war broke out between the Shad'ika people and the Golden Rise. It started when Mandalorian Officers found knives and guns, which were illegal, at the house of the President. He said that he didn't know anything and he didn't know who owned those obscene objects. The officers didn't believe him and put him in jail. After three days, the left him free. One day later, he and his men went into the government building and arrested all the governors. Then, they killed most of them and the war broke out at the Mand'alor Forest. Most of the people got killed, but at least the people took the Republic back and jailed all the members of this group.

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