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Fourth Era

Galactic Era

The Rise of Kiry

First Century

Restoriation after the Great Crisis

Second Century

Second Shadow Moon Civil War

Third Century

Civil War on Kiry


Prime Minister(s)


Important events

The Fourth Era also known as 100 BBY-0 BBY is an age in Kiry, The Fourth Era starts with the death of the last emperor and heir to the Kail Bloodline , Martin Kail.

First centuryEdit

4E 0 — End of the Great Crisis .

  • After the destruction of the crystal tower  during the  Crisis, the anm'a Laor begin to rise to political power, having claimed credit for driving back the Demon. They begin to purge opposition from government.
  • BlackMarsh  secedes from the Empire during the aftermath of the crisis
  • Creation of The Star of Shadow Moon
  • Begging and end of Shadow Moon Wars

Second CenturyEdit

Third centuryEdit

  1. WonitHold is considered as an enemy of the Stormwarriors
  2. The stormwarriors are attacking the city
  1. Rescue from Fort Kastav
  1. Joskey decide to attack The Fort Hraggstad
  2. Rescues the fort Markov4E.476.The civil war is finally over.The nordic won.
  • Death of General Fredenberg
  • 4E.482.The Vampirism is begining
  •  4E.490.The DawnKnight are starting to destroy little points of the vampires.
  •  4E.493.The vampire are killing too many peoples on each villages and the Dawnknight are accused of their incompetence but Joskey Kail is defending hardly the Dawnknight.
  • 4E.499.The dawnKnight are getting back a high place in the society and they are respected again.
  • The Beginning of Shadow Moon Revolution in 0 BBY
Third Era 100 years Fift Era

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