The five brother or( the 5 stars) are the man who rules Kiry.They are five but they are not really brother but they are respected by all the planet.They are the 5 man who are high than anytrhing.Their identity are not revaed yet.We just know that they are loyal to 3 man and 3 only.The Emperor,the high king and the Master of the 5 path.We also know that they lead 5 secret organization but they no one ever believe that they were the enemy of the planet or the governement.


  • Roygaru is the only member who's known by all the world and he is a guild leader.He's also is the master of the 5 path. He is leading the Cobra'sWork,the biggest organizaton of criminal.
  • Fujiusuru he is a mage who is fighting for the King court he is a respected man and he is ruling the mage guild

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