All planets that are inhabited by humans


Bacic English with over dialects

Height of average adult

1,8 meters

Average lifespan

75 years

Skin color

All human skin tones

Hair color

Blonde or brunet

Eye color




Type of work

Sailors or fishmen

Place of residence


Fishrmen of Watenbergeren is the peoples who could not find work on other planets. Basically, all the fishmen are wild lifestyle, live in barracks and constantly drink beer.Each fishman can hang for a long time in the tavern. There, he gets drunk and starts a riot.But without exception, all the fishmen always brag about their Harpoon-gun.Fishmen are always at war with the indigenous people of the planet- Wedbergirians.Fishmen live here very long, but their presence is clearly not happy.Fishmen hunt Whaledon, Sharkaliuses and Nessizavres.

Legendary Fishman.Watenbergeren PirateEdit

This fisherman once stole a relic of the indigenous people, and then gave the fight on his whaling ship.He stole 15,000 killed Wedbergirians and became a national hero.

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