First Era

Galactic Era

The Creation of the Shadow Moon Government

First Century

The Civilization

Second Century

First Wars

Third Century

Creation of plans for futured wars


The Great Civilization

Prime Minister(s)


Important events

The First Era is era on Kiry and on Shadow Moon also known as 3,899 BBY-3,000 BBY.It starts from Battle for Shadow Moon (Cold War) and ends when Kiry takes a Monarchy.

First CenturyEdit

  • Battle for Shadow Moon.Shadow Moon Imperial Oligarchy joins the Cold War by signing the Shadow Moon Treaty.
  • End of the Battle of Shadow Moon where Coldian Commander signed the Cold War ACT
  • Shadow Moon Constitution is written
  • Death of First Prime Minister Kill'Arr Kino'paiva Gurfglider of Shadow Moon.
  • S.M President retires and ordering that Prime Ministers will rule Shadow Moon.


  • Alessia is attacking the imperials
  • Alessial and his army are wining against them
  • Alessia arrived to a stragnge place
  • She  name himself Emperor.
  • The first dictatory of kiry start.
  • Alessia elect people to help him to lead
  • Her empire is great and big
  • Alessia have a son
  • She die murdered
  • Kelper becoming Emperor
  • Glaucia become emperor
  • Sarus become emperor
  • The imperials are killing the most of nord.
  • They instore a rules that  humilly the nord.
  • They are doing like if the nords are dog.
  • Mergulus Kail is starting his rebellion
  •  The war of Valors is starting

Second CenturyEdit

Third CenturyEdit

  • First Plans of Shadow Moon Civil War.
  • First Plans to Attack on Kor'so'nary.
  • Shadow Moon allies with Antiquora'detrora (planet) Monarchy
The Stone Era 2,920 years Secondary Era

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