The firearms are the weapons used by the police. Those weapons are not for the battles but only for the security. Because firearms are unsuitable for dispatching ship, enemy armor they have not progressed very far. However, they are still regular.


While the Signal Flare has many uses its main purpose is communication over long distances. The Stationary Guard uses it as a way to inform the higher-ranking officers how their mission is going while the Scouting Legion uses it as a way to communicate (often presence danges) to the rest of the legion.

Ammo ModifierEdit

The ammo used depends on the mission at hand. The ammo the Stationary Guard uses is the following:

  • Green - Mission started.
  • Red - Mission failed.
  • Yellow - Mission successful.

The ammo the Scouting Legion uses for the 57th Expedition beyond the walls is the following:

  • Red - Enemy spotted.
  • Black - Powerful enemy spotted.
  • Purple - An emergency of some kind.
  • Blue - An order to retreat.
  • Green - Change direction of the formation: Fired by the commander in one direction to indicate a change in the direction, and then repeated by the relay soldiers.
  • Yellow - This lets everyone know that the mission has been terminated, ended successfully or failed.

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