Fifth Era

Galactic Era

First Century

Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic

Second Century

Damaging the Shadow Moon

Third Century

The Great Siege on Shadow Moon


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon



Important events

Fift Era also known as 0 BBY -100 ABY.Fift Era started with the begging of Battle of Yankorn IV,end of Shadow Moon Revolution  and ended of a Great Shadow Moon Siege.

First Century Edit

Second CenturyEdit

Third CenturyEdit

  • The Great Restoration
  • The plans of Shadow Moon siege are revelaed by Shadow Moon Spies
  • Shadow Moon President Murdered
  • New President on Shadow Moon,Second President
  • President orderes to build a blockade around Shadow Moon
  • The Great Siege on Shadow Moon began with breaking the Blockade of Shadow Moon
Fourth Era 100 years Sixth Era

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