Falon was a peaceful planet, it was mainly grassland plains, with numerous rocky mountains 

Planet lifeEdit

Falon has no humanoid inhabitants but has many animals, such as anoobas, bomas and canoks. Manys years ago, a group of space raiders settled, they invited more to come and soon, it became a base of op for many raiders. It became the point of interest of the Good Pirates. Several scuffles broke out on the planet surface that lead to the Pirates intervening. As more Pirates came, more Good Pirates came and as more G.P came, more pirates came. Within months, Falon became a dried husk of its once beautiful past

War groundEdit

Years pasted, the pirates left, unable to keep business running. The pirates were being slaughtered by the G.P, so they too pulled back from Falon. But as one faction left, the next came. Gang Cartel, in thGang Cartel turned the wastelands into hunting grounds, killing the wild life.

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