This title of Emperor has applied to either the rulers of the Second Era,Third Era.The Emperor is the Head of State for the entire Empire. The Emperor resides in the Imperial Palace in the Imperial City.


Emperors ascend to the throne through bloodlines. The title is usually handed from father to son, upon the death of the former.

The Fourth EraEdit

After the death of the last kiry, the Elder Council struggled to maintain peace in kiry , placing new Emperors on the throne -- none of which were well-taken by the people of the Empire. Eventually a Colovian warlord named VerusVI (Martin Kail)conquered the Imperial City with just a thousand men and crowned himself Emperor.

The Amulet of KingEdit

The amulet is the symbole of the head of the emperors.Every emperors must have it to govern the planet.If they dont,they are not gonna have their authority.

Location of the emperorsEdit

The emperors are living at Gondora.The place made of wall.This is a little island of Kiry.The thing is,the people who's living there are completly rich.No poor will live there.


There was a few number of emperors until the first era.Lets see the emperor who have ruled the empire of Kiry.That is in chronologic order.

Alessia DynastyEdit

Mergulus EmpireEdit

Clovis dictatoryEdit

Veruthic EmpireEdit

Kail EmpireEdit

Clovis dictatoryEdit

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