The Elder Council is the central government of the Empire of Kiry The Kirian government is a unicameral and

Elder council

unelected body. The nature of its composition is not detailed.

It is however specified that the body can legislate. The exact process of legislation within the Council itself is unclear - though it is clear that Emperors have possessed the power of veto since Mergulus Kail 's reign in the early 4th century of the Third Era.

The leader at the end of the Third Era was HigChancellor Ocato, an Altmerwho is said to have been virtually running the Empire for 15 years after Emperor Mergulu IV's murder in 3E . After the  Crisis, Ocato began to recognize the threat of the Sak'lor, however, he was assassinated by them.


His death caused the  which fractured the Elder Council.The Council convenes at its chambers in the center of the Imperial Palace complex, within the Imperial City. The Council chamber comprises a large circular table encircled by tall chairs. The table is in the exact center of a dome shaped room possessive of an extremely high ceiling. The palace is built around the ancient,White Gold Tower stretching hundreds of feet into the air, which at least partially accounts for the design of the Council chamber.


The exact details of what makes up the council is unknown. Known members are:

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