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Edgar El'dar Yusudar was a Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic President from Fifth EraABY  till Fifth Era 85 ABY untill he was murdered and his son replaced him.Edgar was among the candidates on First Shadow Moon President Election in 1 ABY when he got 1,000,000,000,000 votes and became the President of Shadow Moon.


Edgar was born on Shadow Moon to the business family in Expan'son City.Edgar's father wanted him to become a business man,but Edgar was interested in politics.He was always reading interesting books about politicans and how to deal with world's crisis.When Edgar finished school,he went to the Shadow Moon Politics University.When he became 21 years old,he worked as a politican of Shadow Moon and safed Shadow Moon from Great Crisis.Soon he became first President of Shadow Moon.


Edgar was very smart man.Tall with brown eyes and tan skin.He had big beard and fair hair.He liked reading and talking about interesting books and politics.Edgar was strong man and never sat back on sofas,he liked to be tuff man and always head to training rooms where he kept himself fit.

Shadow Moon Presidents
Prime Minister Iajuut Oang Yoat 100 years Antonionson Gar Yusudar

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