Sociocultural characteristics
Homeworld D'Vedr (planet)
  • English Basic
  • D'vordians'sika
Height of average adult 1,100 meters
Average lifespan 100 years
Physical characteristics
Skin color Red or White
Hair color White
Eye color Black or Red
  • Skinny Humanoids
  • Sceletonmanoids

D'vord'kora was a main species on planet D'Vedr (planet).D'vord'kora are separated on two groups.First group is called Green Humanoids and Second one Called D'Vedr's Nationali'skop.D'Vedr Nationali'skop were the main species.Their skin is red and they are very thin.They look scary if you'll be looking at them from somewhere,for example balcony.D'vord'kora are also very dangerous and aggrissive.

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