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Corrisa'ika Imperial Republic was a government that belonged to planet Corrisa'ika (planet) from First Era till Eighth Era.Corrisa'ika was called Empire because it owned every planet in Sye'lla System.But it is Republic because the head of state is the Prime Minister starting from Heranium I and ending by Genvil XXI.Corrisa'ika had many allies and was also the part of Shadow Moon Order on Shadow Moon.Corrisa'ika had all the Shadow Moon Space in their hands.But in Fifth Era when Shadow moon became Shadow Moon Oligarchy   Republic and elected President,Corrisa'ika broked up with them.


The Government was formed in 3,656 BBY when Heranium the First ordered the build the city where he stood.The civilization soon was found and many more people came to live on Corrisa'ika.The rule of each Minister continued for nine years.There were some Prime Minister Dynasties in the history of Corrisa'ika:Heranium Dynasty,Corrinai Dynasty,Corrsa Dynasty,Iska Dynasty,Aika Dynasty,Bourillard Dynasty and Genvil Dynasty was the last.The Government falled in war many times.The Corrisa'ika Government was always winning,but in The Great siege on Shadow Moon,they lost.

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