The Cobra's Work is an organization of highly trained assassins and thieves who carry out assassination and stealing contracts. The Cobra's Work is called upon by those who wish to utilize their deadly services. They were once the most feared organization in all of Kiry, but have lost their reputation over time. At one point, they were governed by the Five brothers which set the ground rules for the Brotherhood, but those Five brothers have long since been abandoned.


The structure of this organization is divised on 2 parts or 2 sides. The first is of course the assasing one but the second is the thieves one. They were created at the second era.

Thieves guildEdit

The Thieves Guild is an organized guild of thieves based in Kiry  It is also one of several joinable Faction that appear in second era. Based inKiry and headquartered in  Ratway beneath the city of Rifthole, members of the Thieves Guild are renowned for causing trouble in the city. Members of the guild specialize in stealing objects of varying value or loaning septims. Most citizens view them unfavorably;Mjol The tigeress has made it her duty to maintain order in Ritfhole and pledges to dismantle the guild. Maden Black-Briar, the affluent owner of the popular Blue Meadery, consorts with the guild in exchange for their aid. The guild has an uncanny luck due to certain members striking up a deal with the god


Little is known about when and how the Thieves Guild was founded, but it is rumored to have been around as long as Rifthole has. As the Fourth Era  continued, the Thieves Guild slipped further and further into obscurity and the members and regular clients began to leave (with the exception of Maden Black-Briar).The guild was previously believed to be completely fictional.The guild is in close association with the Shadow Brotherhood  and that is normall because they are parts of the same organization but not the same side.

Connection with the Shadow BrotherhoodEdit

The Thieves Guild has a strong connection with the Shadow Brotherhood, and this is especially evident with the Shadow Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild in Kiry. Despite their differences in organization, purpose, and policies, the Thieves Guild and the Shadow Brotherhood rely on each other for support. Darrow Lamory  and Arenithia of the Brotherhood have had a good relationship with each other in friendship and in business.


  • Merald Froy - Guild Master
  • Bringlow - Second-in-Command
  • Darrow Lamory - Senior Member
  • Vex - Senior Member
  • Camelia - Fence
  • Sapphire - Elder member
  • Cynric Endell - Former Jailbreaker
  • Niruin - Sniper
  • Rune - Member
  • Thrynn - Former Bandit
  • Vipir the Fleet -  Pickpocket Trainer
  • Garthar
  • Ravyn Imyan
  • Etienne Rarnis
  • Molgrom Twice-Killed- Located in the Rifthole Jail
  • Thief - Unnamed thieves in Rifthole and other various places, they attempt to steal items from one of the stalls, leading to their swift death at the hands of the guards.

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