CloudRen is the name given to the capital of Cloudhold.We are calling it like that because that is a descustin
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g time all the years almost.This village is peacefull and cool.The villangers are really proud to be on this vilage.


The king of the village is a women named Isiliria the cyclone she is a young woman who's taking his job really seriously.She is on the side of the imperials.The village is on the mountain and it is really hard to find because the village coulur is like the one of the montain.

Second eraEdit

On the second era,Clovis III  tried many time to take controll of the village but the his army never managed to enter on the village because it is a higher point and at the middle of the mountain,there is an Aorikio that is working only and only for the King or queen of the village.Plus,Isilliria The cyclone is a magic user.She is able to create a giant stom.On the second era,Isilliria was the King and she is the king on the 4th era too because she is an armioidian.She has the power to live realy long time.She was faired by every other king until the Fourth era




The geography of Kiry is special because the entire city is really special because it has 3 levels.The first level is the down of the mountain.The down-town is located in the beautiful Autumnal Forest region of Kiry, and that beauty has encroached upon the city, in the form of wondrous foliage and generally pleasant, if not sometimes overcast weather.The down town is on the forest and hard to acces.So this down city is the farm place.The hole town is located near of a river.The Azur river.The town is pretty bigger and it have a good a athmosphere.The Azur river is the water source of the village.The village head is the Gouvernor A'jull


The village of the Down-town have 3 districts

Lake District

The Azur river


The lake district.Is the little village near of the Azur river and the people who's living there are working for the water of the village.There 3 or 4 houses and its all securized by the guard.

The market DistrictEdit

The marked of Down-Town is a place with a few house and its really animate.There is animator,marionetist,theatre,marke and auberge.This is the bigger district.

===The Portal District



the portal district is the district of of the old man who is living there.No one know how old he is but we all knows that he is a powerfull guy.He is the portal guardian.The portal lead to the second part of CloudHold

Second stageEdit

The second stage i sthe middle of the mountain.There is no really alot of things there but the monster is living there.This monster is there so that no one can pass to the up of the mountain by this access.

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