"Will this workout?Taking power from Prime Minister and giving it to Shadow Moon Order within the other governments?This will end a great civilization to all of Sye'lla System and Shadow Moon.If Cha'lang took off as a new Minister,doesnt mean we need to take all powers from him."
"It looks like you have something in common together with Cha'lang,I prefer normal Prime Minister that can rule Shadow Moon,so are you up to make Cha'lang Reformation with me or not?"
"Its a hard choice to make Val'varov.Ill think about it.If there is gonna be a reformation,ill be involed."

Counselor Tar'tari Laur and Counselor Val'varov are talking about Cha'lang Reformation

Cha'lang Reformation was a great event taking place in Third Era,Second Century following the new Prime Minister Onka Cha'lang that took over the government.Shadow Moon Order members,including Counselors didn't like the move so they decided to make a reformation and all the power will go into teir hands.Counselor Tar'tari and Val'varov was the one who wanted to start the Reformation.


"Do you understand that the Reformation will lead to corruption and civil war that no one wants here.If you really want to take over why dont you kill me,it will be muich better than involding so many people into the reformation."

Onka Cha'lang

The reforms been created by Shadow Moon Order members which was disappointed in their Prime Minister.All Shadow Moon Order,including all the councils inside it were involed.They wanted to take out the Prime Minister as fast as they can.

Onka ordered many things that was impossible to make. For many other people,Shadow moon Order were right.Onka wanted SMSA to be retired and so civilians will fight their own wars.Onka wanted to take off the neutrality of Shadow Moon and break up with Corrisa'ika Imperial Republic.

The Reformation made many damage to people living on Shadow Moon.Finnaly,other Monarchies came up to the reformation.They had their own parties.After a long time,Onka didn't gave up on being a Prime Minister.People was happy that he got sick and soon will die.

Shadow Moon Order ordered to sign the Reformation Act so they all can stop.Onka didn't sign it,but there was only one person who could.Grass Cha'lang,the son of Onka signed it in the future of Shadow Moon.He was also the next Prime Minister after his father's death.

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