Breaking Up with Mandalorians was called an event and a small break up battle between S.M Mandalorians and New Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic. The event happened after the Invasion on D'Vedr and aft
Endless Space United Empires Fleet

The reamins of Mandalorian Fleet are leaving the Sye'lla System

er the Treaty of Corrisa'ika. New Shadow Moon Republic Government decided that Mandalorian are no longer welcomed in Sye'lla System and told them that they aren't welcomed here. The Mandalorians were surprised by the move of new Government.The told S.M Republic that they will regret breaking up with them.

Mand'alor council wasn't destroyed. All the members remained there but after all the Mand'alor council been called Sould Idles Council. And titles Mand'alors been reorganized to Idle.For example, Idle the Hero or Idle the Beastmaster. Mandalorians left Shadow Moon, but before that they agreed the leave before the bloody battle.

Mandalorians and Shadow Moon Republic had a huge fight in the orbit of Shadow Moon. Mandalorians had all the fleet they had. so Shadow Moon did. The battle continued till the next eight hours. Then, the  Mandalorians lost half of the fleet and left the Sye'lla System.

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Invasion on D'Vedr Fifth Era 1 ABY-Fifth Era 3 ABY Battle of Grigoria

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