Blockade of Shadow Moon


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon

Date of Beginning

Fifth Era,100 ABY

Date of End

Fifth Era,100 ABY


  • Corrisa'ika's Victory
  • Corrisa'ika Destroyed the Blockade on third week
  • Corrisa'ika passed through and began Ground Assault



Blockade of Shadow Moon was the first long event related to The Great Siege on Shadow Moon in Fifth Era 100 ABY.20,807,777 SMSA Heavy Cruisers,1,999,085 SMSA Cruisers and 1,784,980,098 SMSA Frigates was destroyed.It was a massive event with a lot of lights and blaster fires that could be seeing from Shadow Moon.Dozens of good men gave their lives to the battle.Corrisa'ika had a lot of cruisers that knew the Sye'lla Massive Spatial Army's Strategy.Shadow Moon Fleet was holding the blockade for three weeks,after that,Corrisa'ika destroyed the blockade and passed through.

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