The Blockade of Dyadin'an Ways was a blockade set by D'Vedr Military to blockade the Dyadin'an Ways  so Shadow Mon Oligarchy Empire will not enter the D'Vedr Space Territory in Dyadin'an Sector.The Prime Minister of Shadow Moon did not accept that and ordered to destroy the blockade and get through the Fleet.D'

S.M Starfighter are breaking through the blockade

Vedr was a neutral planet that wanted no allies and thought that D'Vedr space for their territory.That was actually Shadow Moon Territory.

Many Shadow Moon Ships and Frigates arrived to the Dyadin'an Sector where they saw dozens of ships blockading the way.Battle began as soon as S.M ships opened fire.The commanding cruiser was The Star of Shadow Moon,and two more space cruisers providing it,The Dynasty of Hanson's and Ta'n'soon Harshan'son.

D'Vedr Starfighters was flying around S.M Cruisers and trying to destroy the main reactor.S.M Cruisers were much stronger.They ordered starfighters to join the the battle.Starfighter,one by one flied out of the hangar and flew straight to enemy cruisers.Soon enemy frigates was destroyed.

The Dynasty of Harnson's and Ta'n'soon Harshan'son was destroyed and they both crashed on Aneballa'kristinia (Star).Soon,all D'Vedr blockade was broken.Starfighter Leader Enask Orten'ol'fall led the strafighters in heart of a battle and made a lot of good job.S.M Cruisers blockaded the Dyadin'an Ways so no one will take it from'em.   

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Shadow Moon Wars Fourth Era 70 BBY-Fourth Era 69 BBY Second Shadow Moon Civil War

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