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Battle of Yankorn IV was a bloody battle between Yankorn Rising Empire and Coldian Warriors in orbit and on ground of planet Yankorn IV.It was in 4E 0 BBY.Coldian Warriors was a strong army from Yankorn Risisng Space Territory.Coldian's always had a bad relationship with Yankorn IV.Coldian Leader,Marksen Manskoren decided to launch an invasion on Yankorn.

Yankorn was read for the invasion.Coldian's lost half of the fleet during their break through the asteroid belt to get to orbit of Yankorn.The Battle was continued for more than 10 months.Coldian's won the war and sent the bombardment to bombard the capital city of Yankorn.Yankorn city was destroyed so as their Empire,but soon the civilization was found there again.


The Syella system massive army was created during that war.Some ships were created too and made their first appearition during that battle such as:

Sye'lla System Conflicts
Second Shadow Moon Civil War Fifth Era 0 BBY Invasion on D'Vedr

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