Battle of Grigoria
Beginning Fifth Era 2 ABY
End Fifth Era Fifth Month 2 ABY
Place Grigoria
  • Corrisa'ika Government
  • Grigoria Government
  • Dozens of Grigoria Forces Soldiers
  • Many of Corrisa'ika Empire soldiers
Civilian casualties More than 2,123,345 civillian

Battle of Grigoria was the Battle between Corrisa'ika Government and Grigoria Government.It was taking place in Great Shadow Moon Siege Conflict.After Breaking Up with Mandalorians,Corrisa'ika decided to attack Grigoria and it civilians and kill their Governer.The Battle was continuing for five months,after all Grigoria surrendered and Corrisa'ika took over the Government.


The key of the battle was of course The Great Siege on Shadow Moon that started in Fifth Era because of Shadow Moon reorgonized to Shadow Moon Oligarchy Republic from Shadow Moon Mandalorian Oligarchy Empire.Corrisa'ika began invading planets which was firstable D'Vedr and the second one was Grigoria.The government of Grigoria was warned of Treaty of Corrisa'ika,but they knew that the conflict will not reach them.They were mistaken.Corrisa'ika Prime Minister also sent a message that the war will come to Grigoria.The citizens of Grigoria was scared.Messanger from corrisa'ika started to visit Grigoria and asking to sign the Treaty that will allow Corrisa'ika to attack Grigoria.Governer made brave but foll step,he signed the treaty.

The BattleEdit

The Battle of Grigoria was the second war for them in history of Grigoria.Grigoria was attacked early morning.Corrisa'ika starfighter began bombing the main city.The Grigoria forces was surprised by the attack.They were not ready for it.Most of the city was destroyed and deleted from the planet.Governer was still alive.Grigoria's Heavy Cruisers flied out from behind the planet and attacked the Corrisa'ika Fleet.The fleet was easily destroyed,but the planet was taken by Corrisa'ika Forces.The planet was help as a hostage and it was impossible to get there.Soon,Grigoria fleet entred the atmosphere and got the planet back,but not for long.Battle continued for months,many soldiers died.Governer was killed by Corrisa'ika General.The planet and the orbit was taken.After five months,Grigoria surrendered to Corrisa'ika and became the part of the Corrisa'ika Empire.

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