Battle of Expan'son City


The Great Siege on Shadow Moon

Date of Beginning

Sixth Era 101 ABY

Date of End

Sixth Era 102 ABY


  • RAC
  • Oligarchy Expan'son forces
  • Corrisa'ika Forces


  • Expan'son city was heavily damaged
  • Expan'son City was restored and rebuit


Battle for Expan'son City was the battle in The Great Siege on Shadow Moon  when Oligarchy Forces of Expan'son City  was resisting attack of Corrisa'ika Forces.After the Invading North Sea and Battle of industrial Sector City Corrisa'ika moved to Epan'son which was expensive city that cared about it self a lot.Many in it died fighting the Corrisa'ika,other died because of the bombarding operation of Corrisa'ika Fleet.

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