Battle for Fallrun is a step for the liberation of Kiry.

The battle is to make pay the King of Fallrun who declined the alliance between the Stormwarriors and Fallrun

Break Through The Enemy BarricadeEdit

The walls of Fallrun are defended by both fallrun Guards and Imperial Soldiers. The barricade is a simple wooden one that is easily destroyed in a few hits. As soon as it is destroyed, they are moving to the next objective.

Open The DrawbridgeEdit

After the Stormwarriors destroyed the barricade,they are attacking the drawbridge and killing everyone there.

Force King Bauromir the Lion to surrenderEdit

The battle rages on in the streets of Fallrun. Several of Fallrun's populace can be encountered on the streets but are non combatants and it is still considered a crime to attack them openly..They are attacking the village and puting fire everywhere.Then they are breaking inside of Skullreach.They kill the personall guard of the King and then the he surrendered.

King Bauromir the lion surrenderEdit

When Bauromir surrenders, Vignar will walk in. After an argument over their views on the war.Then,the stormwarriors will follow him to the carriage and he'll go to the prison.

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