1st Battalion 79th Marines on Halo i04, 2552

76th marine recon battalion

A Battalion is a military unit of the USG Army and Marine Corps, normally consisting of two to six companies, anywhere from three hundred to one thousand soldiers.


Tank and mechanized infantry battalion task forces apply their combat power to:

  • Conduct sustained combat operations in all environments with proper augmentation and support.
  • Conduct offensive operations.
  • Conduct defensive operations.
  • Accomplish rapid movement and limited penetrations.
  • Exploit success and pursue a defeated enemy as part of a larger formation.
  • Conduct security operations (advance, flank, or rear guard) for a larger force.
  • Conduct stability operations and support operations as part of a larger force.
  • Conduct operations with light infantry forces.

A battalion unit is generally considered the smallest unit able to conduct independent operations.


The typical Battlion is composed of four Companies, plus a "Battalion Headquarters Section", for a total of 800 soldiers. Each Battalion is commanded by a Major or Lieutenant Colonel, with a Gunnery Sergeant or higher serving as "battalion first sergeant."Within a Regiment, the First Battalion is generally assigned Companies A through D, the Second Battalion is assigned E through H, et cetera and then numbers.

Known battalionEdit

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