Attack on Corrisa'ika


Corrisa'ika (planet)

Date of Beginning

Sixth Era 130 ABY

Date of End

Sixth Era 140 ABY


  • Shadow Moon's victory
  • Corrisa'ika surrendered to Shadow Moon
  • Corrisa'ika became a Slave Empire
  • All civilians of Corrisa'ika became slaves
  • Shadow Moon became a ruler of Corrisa'ika

Attack on Corrisa'ika was set by Shadow Moon Forces in Sixth Era.The reason of attacking Corrisa'ika (planet) was the revenge for The Great Siege on Shadow Moon.Shadow Moon wanted Corrisa'ika to become First Slave Empire in Sye'lla System. The Battle continued for months.Shadow Moon was fighting Corrisa'ika with no mercy.The target was to defeat all of the planet forces so Shadow moon can rule it and make the Slave Empire.After serveral months Corrisa'ika surrendered and all of Corrisa'ika Civilians became slaves.Shadow Moon was new ruler of Corrisa'ika.

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