Arka'si'ber Shipyards
'"Arka'si'ber!Next day,is your day!"'


Shadow Moon,Industrial Sector City


Arka'si'ber Kolvanovich Alexozar'Dar

Major Products

Mhi'a'son Heavy Cruiser

"Arka'si'ber!Next day,is your day!"

— Slogan of a Arka'si'ber Shipyards

Arka'si'ber Shipyard was the big shipyards company that was created in the end of Fifth Era.The Founder of Arka'si'ber Shipyards was a designer and constructor Arka'si'ber Kolvanovich Alexozar'Dar.There were many meh who joined the Shipyards.The company was placed on Shadow Moon in Industrial Sector City.It was the best place where the shipyards was placed.The first project of the company was Mhi'a'son Heavy Cruiser that was sent to SMSA Home Fleet when Antonionson Gar Yusudar liked it.Arka'si'ber Shipyards continued a good business in Sixth,Seventh Eras...etc..All the projects of Arka'si'ber Shipyards were been sent to dock with Shadow Moon Space Station or to fly straight to SMSA Home Fleet.

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