Antiquora'detrora Monarchy
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Type of government


Founding document

The Great Reform of Glii'sha king


Concordat of Marsh Chasing

Head of State

Chief of the Royal Court


Tribun of Military Justice

Executive branch

Monarchy Dynasty

Legislative branch

Council of upper class

Judicial branch

Justice Marsh Department


Iva'Chan'ghuu city

Official language




National holiday

Day of King Jar'shu'Kii



Date established

First Era

Date fragmented


The monarchy was formed in the First Era, but the state no one knew. Reptoid race to form their own state, came out primitive, and began to imitate other races. In 1,600 BBY when there was a Nuclear War on Shadow Moon (Gorva'ika city) to come reptoids first ambassadors from Corrisa'ika (planet). Reptoids took advantage of this and bought a pair of fleets for expensive marsh gas. But then trade relations with Corrisa'ika soured and reptoids not needed to protect the planet. Shipbuilding technology soon peaked and reptoids created their fleet and destroyed fleet Corrisa'ika. At the moment, there are Dynasty Reptoids to 16 families and 5 genera of the noblest reptoids. These last 500 years are the golden ages (starting with Fourth Era).

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